Chapter 3 Movement Catalyzing

What else is needed to amplify change?

More than monetary support

FRIDA follows a funding+ model that provides opportunities for learning, linking and leadership. Building capacities of young feminist activists is one way we do that. Last year, we successfully conducted webinars in English and Spanish covering a range of topics—digital security & self-care, resource mobilization and fundraising, advocacy and campaigning, monitoring, evaluation and learning. These were conducted on web-based platforms and supported the group members in building their capacities in fields that require support and mentoring.

Bridging distances and forming sisterhoods

As a largely online community, we often don’t get to share the same physical space together. Hence, convenings for FRIDA community is a cherishable and invaluable time to bridge the physical distance and strengthen our activism. This past year, we held 3 convenings: one in Jordan for the MENA community (attended by young feminists from Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco), one in Mexico for the Latin America and Caribbean community and 1 global grantee convening in Brazil, ahead of the AWID Forum. Watch a video from our Latin America and Carribbean Convening. We will soon be releasing an evaluation of all convenings held in the last 5 years. Stay tuned!

Building feminist futures

The AWID Forum was a key space for activists from all movements, generations and contexts to come together to build feminist futures together. It offered the right platform to young feminists to voice their concerns and share their strategies too. Held in Salvador in Brazil, 35 people from the FRIDA community, including grantee partners, staff, advisors and board members, were part of panels, open discussions and leading sessions of their own on issues that they work on. Read some reflections on our website.

Learning & unlearning

We also believe that the relationship between grantee partners and FRIDA is one of much learning and unlearning. Playing the dual role of a funder and an activist, FRIDA gains a lot by learning from young feminist groups and how they organize in their communities and regions. In 2016, FRIDA staff, advisors and external consultants conducted 12 learning visits—9 in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2 in Asia Pacific and 1 in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Curious to learn more? Read FRIDA‘s MEL Officer, Boikanyo, blog about her experience of visiting a group in Zambia.

Through promoting new models of philanthropy and sharing our knowledge, we seek to increase the quantity and quality of resources available for young feminist organizers. Here is how we have been changing the game:

Brave, Creative, Resilient

A first-of-its-kind, international mapping of the global state of young feminist organizing: “Brave, Creative, Resilient” is a rich research, jointly produced by FRIDA and AWID’s Young Feminist Activism Program, that looks at the field with a focussed lens. Over 1500 young women, girl and trans* led groups and organizations have formed an integral part of this critical study.

Commission for the Status of Women

Young sex workers speak for themselves and use key advocacy spaces to talk about the human rights of sex workers. At the 60th edition of the Commission for the Status of Women in New York, FRIDA grantee partner, Crested Crane Lighter, shed light on sex worker rights, being part of a panel. The 2016 Young Feminist Caucus Statement is a must read, written collaboratively along with several young peers who attended the CSW.

Shaking the Ground Coloring the Sky

The LGBTQIA* community is courageous and creative in their mobilising and organizing. Their struggle has always inspired and moved other social movements and there is a lot to learn from them. An impact report, entitled “Shaking the Ground Coloring the Sky”, focusses exclusively on the strategies, challenges and impact created by FRIDA grantee partners working on LGBTQIA* issues.

Writing & Illustrating

A lot of philanthropic advocacy occurs through writing and illustrations. Take a sneak peek into growing trends in young feminist organizing through the eyes of the FRIDA community in this collaborative op-ed on the pulse of youngfem organizing. Check out this cool graphic illustration “Top 10 Best Practises for Youth-led Innovation and Change” that we co-wrote with Global Fund for Women.

Conversations Around the Globe

FRIDA community of staff, board and advisors made their presence felt across the world, sparking conversations around feminist philanthropy and how we can redefine it. This included sessions and speaking on intergenerational leadership, participatory grantmaking, and young feminist organizing at spaces like African Feminist Forum, Women Deliver, Danmark, Balkan Donor’s Forum, Latin America & Caribbean Sex Worker Network Convening, Human Rights Funders Group Annual Conference, European Foundation Centre, and the Conference of Parties (COP) 22.

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